Brigid’s Cloak: Beyond the Threshold of Imbolc

WORLD WATER DAY BONUS… Brigid’s Cloak: beyond the Threshold of Imbolc

Shannon as Bhride, her Mother Sally and St. PatrickOn Saturday afternoon, I walked in the Meriden, CT St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the help of the Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians, Irish organization, as Brigid.

It was the first time the Fire Goddess and Saint had been represented in the flesh in Meriden’s 41 year history of celebrating.  I was deeply honored to walk, leading the parade with St. Patrick, waving to the crowds gathered by the roadside.

Of course, it’s all quite dubious from the Goddess’ perspective – walking side by side with an Englishman who bears the title of Ireland’s most celebrated Saint who quite possibly is credited with the driving out of paganism (i.e. the snakes) in our beloved homeland.  (But I suppose we all have to start somewhere.)

Most people weren’t aware of who I was, though one older woman bowed to me as I passed, a look of excitement and surprise upon her face.  I have total faith that as the years go on, who Brigid is, will become a household name in Meriden, restoring at least one community’s remembrance of who She is.  And the little girls who waved emphatically to me that day gave me great satisfaction that they will grow up having seen, and will continue to see a woman, in leadership at their day of festivities.

Thank you to Alyzabeth Rhiannon for adorning me with Bhride’s (and I do mean Bride’s) attire along with Her traditional Green Cloak to allow Brigid to be expressed authentically as Goddess, mortal and humble servant of Bhride and with a hint of modest Brigadine Sister!

~ Shannon

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