Can you hang with the trickster?

Can you hang with the trickster?

Full Moon, November 6th, 2014

Greetings sweet sisters ~

coyote_totem_by_ravenariWe received a very powerful lesson last weekend at our Medicine Path of the Priestess Samhain Women’s Retreat.

The lesson came from the trickster, known in Native American lore as Coyote, and in Yoruban traditions as Exu.

Although he sometimes gets a very bad wrap, the trickster is simply the guardian of our soul’s evolution. He keeps us on our toes, enforcing the lessons that we came here to learn.

We call him the trickster because he places obstacles in our path, causing us to trip and fall over and over again. He makes sure we do not bypass the lesson that we must learn. He plays with us until we see the obstacle clearly, learn our lessons, and make the conscious choice to go around it, step over it, or even leap light-years from it on our journey of evolution.

When the trickster shows up we can feel an enormous amount of chaos and discomfort. We feel that we are being toyed with. We feel anything but in control.

The message we received loud and clear from the trickster is this: respect the chaos.

The chaos is where true transformation happens. When old, out-dated systems break down there is a period of chaos that precedes the new, healthier system. The phase of chaos is inevitable, and the more fully we can embrace it and respect it for the powerful teacher and healer that it is, the quicker we can get through it.

As a whole, our planet is in major chaos. Each and every one of us is feeling it in our own way, and it is a wild ride. The question is, can we support the transformation by releasing our resistance and fear of it?

I feel that the Hindu elephant-God Ganesha is another expression of the trickster energy. He is highly revered in Hindu culture, and his statue is placed outside the entrance of doorways as the guardian. He is popularly known as the remover of obstacles, and less well known for the fact that he actually places those obstacles in our path in the first place. Offerings are made in his honor daily. The Hindu culture understands the need to honor and respect the trickster.

In our women’s retreat this past weekend, we were blessed with the opportunity to sit in the discomfort and chaos of deep healing and transformation. We honored the trickster and prayed for the ability to see the obstacles in our paths clearly so that they could be dissolved. We found love for our challenges and gratitude for all that they have taught us.

And so sisters, may we hear the wisdom of the trickster, to respect the chaos. May we surrender to the waves of transformation, allowing them to wash over us and cleanse us of the old energies and patterns that no longer serve our evolution. May we stay connected to the True North Alignment of our Soul.

With immense love,
Dayna Seraye

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