Capricorn Full Moon with Cancer Sun

Capricorn Full Moon with Cancer Sun

Welcome Dear Hearts as we are truly in the Mysteries of the Moon!

MotherGoddessEarth-213x300The astrological sign of Cancer rests at home in the light of the Moon energy and here She comes into Fullness!  The depth of the waters we have been traversing is all influenced by her methodical in and out, ebb and flow, as well as, Her whimsical light dancing.  She is tugging at our very insides… literally as the waters within are danced by Her tidal pull.

At the same time, the light shimmering in and out of shadow, tantalizes us to look beneath the surface, to contemplate who we are.  If you are lucky enough to be at the ocean under the moonlight, revel in the greatness of the mystery.  Can you feel it?  Breathing in and out the taste of the salty air, the sound of waves crashing, the foam aglow?  And how can you miss it?  The great above.  Mother shining in her subtle glory… surrounded by Her family of Stars.  As above so below.

Mother Moon dances above with Her family of Stars and Mother Earth dances below with Her family of Stars embodied into earthly form.  We dance around our Mother as children of Light.

So, wherever you are this weekend, take time to contemplate the beauty of the Universe.  Notice the clarity of your thoughts under Her domain.  Notice the ease with which we breathe, perhaps even the absence of worry, as we give over to Her gaze.  Accept yourself for who you are – imperfections and all – and notice how those ideas don’t seem to hold much sway in the perfect imperfection of our Mother’s light reflecting… stars on the water… iridescent stars mingling in the sand… you remember…

Peace be with you…

… Read June Collier’s Astrology Report for this Full Moon here.

I have loved June’s astrological reporting for years and she has given me some sound advice in reference to my own chart and it’s influences.  What I love specifically about her interpretation of this Full Moon and the planetary movements is that she doesn’t promise us miracles here.  But she offers us Hope.  There is something that happens when we move into new positions of community leadership or when we step into a more committed role with Spirit… the Universe aligns and activates a test.

We can look at this is multiple ways.  This test can be to see if we are ‘worthy’ of our leadership role – are we listening?  Are we humble?  Are we in our Spiritual Ego?  Or we can accept that this test is exactly the examination we need to pass in order to have the tools we need to accomplish the task at hand – and well.  What does it take to be a ‘leader’ in the New Earth Year 2?  What does it take to model the example of a life worth living in this new millennium?  Stepping out into the front lines takes courage, and also purity of heart.  Real accomplishment might have something to do with our ability to define and adapt to collective leadership.  What does it look like to be a model in that way?  Empowered new infrastructure with new values (Sun/Saturn/Chiron), discipline employed to be good at something for the sake of loving it – not to punish… these are old-fashioned values we don’t want to lose as we change into a radical new society.  Be joyful in something old and something new…  Welcome to the New Earth…

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