Full Snow Moon on this Day of Love

Full Snow Moon on this Day of Love

brigid-snowDearest Sisters ~

Welcome to the heart-warming Full Snow Moon in Leo on this Day of Love. Yum!

As we journey into our celebration of Valentine’s Day, my prayer is that we each remember the Beloved within.

May we give ourselves the love that we most wish to receive.  May we fill so completely with the love of the Goddess that we then overflow in abundant love offerings to our community and to all beings.

Sisters, this is the work – to love ourselves unconditionally no matter what, and let that ripple out into the world.

This past New Moon, the Fire Goddess Brigid led us through the portal of Imbolc, and we are pregnant with possibility, dreams and seeds of creations to come.

Life is stirring deep down beneath all the snow on the ground. The Goddess is singing. The serpent is beginning to awaken and arise and dance. What fun!

On our Medicine Path of the Priestess Imbolc retreat 13 women gathered to cross the sacred threshold together. We honored the Chinese New Year as the Wood Horse galloped in and the fire replaced the water at the center of the altar.

As we prepare to begin the virtual component of the Medicine Path of the Priestess, we invite you to set your intentions for the 13 Moon cycle ahead. What do you know of your medicine path and what do you need to show up fully in your path of service in the next 13 moons?

For those of you who have been asking, here is the application for the Medicine Path of the Priestess program. We’d love for you to join us in the deeper journey of initiation of the 13 Moon Mysteries of the Goddess.

May the love of the Goddess shine ever in our hearts ~
Dayna & Shannon


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