New Moon with Aphrodite – Radical Self Care

New Moon with Aphrodite – Radical Self Care

Sisters ~

AphroditeIt is the New Moon and Aphrodite’s time has come…

Born of sea foam from the ocean she rises – beautiful, radiant – Goddess of love, pleasure and fertility.

She holds a mirror in her hand, gazing lovingly at her own reflection.

She teaches us how to see ourselves through the lens of the divine feminine – loving every part of ourselves, especially our flaws and imperfections.

Aphrodite’s message is one of radical self care. We must learn to love ourselves fully – our shadows and our light. When we see our imperfections as a integral part of our beauty we realize Aphrodite’s immense love.

Only then can we love another wholly, without judgement.

We find ourselves in love with humanity for simply being itself with its rainbow colors of experience. Life is vibrant, pulsing, dynamic. We open ourselves to Aphrodite’s oceanic expression of pleasure, giving our love generously and sharing in the joys of life.

As the Springtime energy ignites all around us, may we allow nature to propel us forward with her inspired growth and fertility. May we delight in our senses and the sensual. May we unleash our creativity and express our passions. May we give ourselves the unconditional love that our Great Mother is always giving us, her children. And may we offer that love boundlessly back to the Earth, our communities, our families, our lovers…

So grab a mirror and let the divine feminine take over. See yourself through Her eyes – perfect in all your imperfections. Appreciate your unique flavor of beauty, fully. Drink it in. And if you need to, “fake it til you make it.” Spend some quality time nurturing your loving relationship with yourself.

And then take all that love on the road and offer it up. The blossoming of the thousand-petaled lotus flower awaits.

With boundless love ~
Dayna Seraye

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