Passionate About Water

Passionate About Water

In August of 2012, a core group of sisters gathered at a sacred waterfall to honor the Feast of Saint Claire who brings the clarifying rain.  We were unexpectedly blessed by an overlapping group of Water Warriors holding council with a Native Elder for guidance.  How  do we best carry out the message of how our Waters are being directly threatened?  How do we help those without access to clean water?  How do we protect the waters that may be at risk?  It was in this synchronistic meeting between our women’s group and these activists that we were educated about the state of our water in practical terms and the real dangers associated with practices such as Hydraulic Fracturing.

Carolyn Reeves was present that weekend, a long time friend and Spirt Sister.  The exposure to this new information inspired her to follow through on a vision she was carrying – an event in honor of the water – full of ritual theater, art and a spiritual component to open the hearts of those who may not yet have heard the message.  Water is Life and our Water is at Risk – not in 20 years but NOW.  And so Passionate Waters was born.


Our first event was World Water Day, March 22, 2013.  Carolyn mobilized an impressive group of people who work for the water including CT State Representative, Matt Lesser and CT River Steward Jacqueline Talbot along with poets, opera singers, dancers and speakers on the significance of Water in various spiritual traditions. In 2014, the tradition continued with the above speakers, a new art exhibit including pieces by students at the Art Academy and an appearance by local musician, artisit and boatmaker, Mixashawn, giving us a Native view on the significance of the River and learning it’s true name. The word “Connecticut” comes from the Mohegan word Quinetucket, which means “beside the long, tidal river”.  The word “Connecticut” came into existence during the early 1600s, describing the river, which was also called simply “The Great River”.  As Jacqueline Talbot eloquently stated, “Rivers are the ultimate metaphor for connection.”  Of course, with closer contemplation, we know there is really nothing metaphorical about it.  The Water is the connecting fluid of our bodies and the connecting fluid of our Earth.  So far, Passionate Waters has raised $5,800 for the Water, with this year’s proceeds benefitting the CT River’s annual Source to Sea clean-up.

Water-BlessingAs part of our efforts to open hearts that we may fall in love with the water again and again, we aligned our Water Blessing with the first ever all women’s gathering held by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council at Montezuma’s Well in Arizona, IN THE NAME OF THE MOTHER.  We follow the water, Grandmother Mona Polacca of the Hopi, Tewa and Havasupi tribes teaches.  We come out of our Mothers’ wombs behind the water.  Stay that way.  Stay behind the Water.  Her prayers are deeply healing and maybe, more importantly, deeply humbling.  In this meeting, IN THE NAME OF THE MOTHER, was an opportunity unlike any other to learn from these women Elders from around the globe and to share as women in the sacred task of activating yet another sacred site upon God’s green Earth.  Lucky for us, Sisters Alyssa Clemenzi and Christa Ray were able to attend this sacred event and will be able to share with us some of what they have learned.

Dancing-Mamae-OxumFor Carolyn and I, the message we carry in and out of that space is the message of the Water Within and the Water Without.  To be in a room of 80 people sending love and prayers to the CT River just a few city blocks away, to the waters they love where they live or grew up, to say I’m sorry Water for polluting you, to say I love you, Water…  To be in that room, eyes closed, intention high and to turn those prayers around, and say I’m sorry, Water to the Water Within for the anger that I carry.  To say I forgive you, to one’s self in that holiest of holy places – the instant church, the spontaneous temple, the community sanctuary made on the spot composed only of our prayers, our songs and our intentions – of LOVE.  This is the true gift of the work of being on the Medicine Path of the Priestess.  May you be Blessed, may you be Honored, May you be cared for as the Water, as Love itself deserves to be.  May you be Free to Walk your Path to Serve with your unique Medicine in the highest good of All Beings.

Blessed Be.


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