Priestess Training

Priestess Training Program

Are you called to be an Initiate?

Do you feel the call to devote yourself to the adventure of awakening consciousness?

An Initiate is someone who has decided to let go of the mundane and dance in the sacred flames of alchemy.

She is on the path of integrating Spirit and Earth and balancing masculine and feminine. She is learning to hold the container for transformation, healing, and the birth of illumination.

Within her Body Temple, she intends to serve the cosmic dance of birth, death and rebirth. Her intention to be of service guides her on her own path of healing and understanding.

She knows she is an integral part of the unfolding and awakening of our time. She understands that how she shows up matters immensely. She knows that she is not alone, but is supported by, and in collaboration with, a pantheon of spiritual allies, both in bodies and in the invisible realms.

She perceives, deep in her heart, that she is exceptionally gifted, exceptionally powerful, and her soul-wisdom is deeply trustworthy.  She steps mindfully forward on her path, learning the profound art of humbleness in action.

Are you an Initiate, ready to infuse the sacred into the mundane and tend the fires of alchemy of everyday life?

If the answer is YES, welcome sister. Your choice is blessed by the Goddess.

Is This Training for You?

13-moon-mysteries-priestess-trainingPriestess Initiation is open to all women who feel HER call. Ultimately, your path as a Priestess is defined by your personal relationship with the Goddess. We all have our unique way of serving.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, a corporate professional, a healer, a house-cleaner, or the myriad of other roles we as women play, you can can claim your birthright as a priestess. For it is not what you do, but how you do it that shares your medicine.

We will guide you with tools, resources, and mystery teachings to empower you to manifest your Soul’s Truth as you bring the sacred into your everyday life.

At the completion of the training you have the option to apply for candidacy to attend convocation at the Temple of Isis and be officially ordained as a Priestess.

Features of the Training

  • Reclaim your feminine magic ~ The language and sacred practices of the Feminine are calling to be awakened and revealed to us. Within our mystery school we dive deep into the exploration of Her moon mysteries as they live within us and in the magic of Mother Nature.

  • 13 Moon Calendar and the Wheel of the Year ~ As we align ourselves with the rhythm of the Lunar Calendar, we experience a shift in consciousness that powerfully connects us to our deep inner knowing and Her divine guidance.

  • The Power of the Circle ~ Women have joined in circles for thousands of years for healing, support and the medicine of community. Learn to potentialize collective energy in service to all.

  • Embodying the Goddess ~ Explore the archetypal energies of the Goddess and deepen into your study of those that you resonate with and wish to serve in your path as a priestess.

  • Work with the multidimensional nature of reality ~ Create sacred space and open to the mysteries of the invisible realms. Learn to channel energy, develop your intuition, connect with your spiritual support system, and navigate the greater cosmology holding us all.

  • The power of prayer and invocation ~ Connect your heart with your voice to powerfully embody your prayers, sing from your center, and invoke your medicine walk.  Learn to facilitate inspired ritual for all occasions.

  • Alchemize with the elements ~ Weave the magic of the sacred elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to create balance and to call in the energies needed to powerfully transform, inspire, create, and integrate what is being asked of you.

  • Healing the Collective ~ We are living in a time when the personal work we do to heal and transmute the wounds of the collective consciousness is a profound service to our planet. We will journey together in the restoration of the balance of the masculine and feminine within ourselves and in the world.

  • Live your medicine path ~ Dissolve any and all fears and obstacles holding you back. Refine your purpose, transform your story into your medicine, and powerfully step forward to give your gifts as your path of SERVICE.

  • Self-love, nourishment and pleasure practices of the Goddess ~ “All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals.” Care for your body as your temple for the Goddess and allow Her grace to flow through you.

Training Format

We will journey with the Wheel of the Year through 4 Training Modules.

Each module will include a combination of online coursework and gatherings over the telephone/skype. Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to participate in the training from the comfort of your home.

Next Training Dates TBA. Please sign up here to stay connected and informed:


Dive into Her mysteries with us…