Witchy Wisdom for the Samhain New Moon

Witchy Wisdom for the Samhain New Moon

Greetings Sisters ~

Today we enter the darkest 3 moon cycles of the year.

Today is the new moon, in Scorpio, with a Solar Eclipse.

It is Samhain, the “Witch’s New Year”. The veils between the worlds are thin. We honor our ancestors and all those who have passed.

How are you feeling?

If intensity is on your list, you are in good company! We are all in the cauldron, in the Descent into Light, stewing the light and the dark together.

Let’s take a collective deep breath right now, and let go of our resistance and fear.

It is good…

When we began preparing for this moon’s mystery, the Descent into Lightasking the Goddess for Her guidance — a big question came up.

Why? Why descend into the Underworld where there is darkness and death and scary things?

As is my profound experience in this work, She gave me my own somatic, visceral opportunity to remember the answer to my question. Read on for encouragement in your own personal Descent into Light.

3 Reasons to Descend


    1. The no holds barred practice of letting go creates space for the new.
      We all want to call in the yummy, good things that we want in life. But how can we receive all this when our cup is already full?

      In my recent journey into the depths of the Underworld I experienced a mind ~ body ~ soul purification so profound it left me stripped, vulnerable, raw and totally naked. It was hard. I was pushed to my edge over and over again. I surrendered. I let go of so much, and in the release I began to notice a whole lot of space was created inside of me. I felt an immense amount of grace and creative energy fill my being. All the life-force that was tied up in the old patterns was freed. I felt parts of me light up that hadn’t shined in years. I felt a massive amount of inspiration. New friends, opportunities and passions are magically appearing.


    1. You will find the Goddess waiting for you.
      This happened to me and I believe with all my heart that it will happen for you. When nothing else is left, you find your Soul’s Truth. When the ego is stripped down to nothing, you remember who you truly are. When you don’t have anyone or anything else to rely on, She reminds you that She is always there to hold you. And that depth of connection will serve you deeply as you rise, confidant that She’s got your back.


  1. Your journey will serve and inspire others.
    We don’t exist in a vacuum. We are made of energy and intimately connected to everyone and everything else. When we shift and transform ourselves, everyone else feels it and responds. We heal a part of the collective when we embrace our Soul-work. The world is a better place as a result, and its easier for others to do their own Soul-work as well. Your contribution will be recognized both in the invisible realms and the visible realms. Others will be inspired by you, and your journey will serve their healing as well.


So I invite you to take the dive and embrace your Descent into Light. Let go of any fear and resistance, and experience for yourself the empowerment that comes with consciously choosing to face your shadows. Allow your inner phoenix to emerge from the ashes.

Access the Moon Mystery here and the myth of Innana’s Descent into the Underworld.

And stay tuned for the upcoming Full Moon mystery launching November 17th. We will continue our Descent exploration as we reveal the Moon Mystery of Invocation and Incantation.

Blessed Be ~
Dayna Seraye

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