Exhale. The Dark Goddess has Arrived

Exhale. The Dark Goddess has Arrived

New Moon, November 22nd, 2014


It has been an intense moon!

If you are feeling the waves and ripples of big emotions, you are not alone.

Winter has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes the Dark Goddess in all Her Magnificence.

She is the exhale, the surrender, the cleanse, the liberation.

When we incarnate we pass through the threshold of birth. We inhale our first breath. She is with us – the Goddess in her aspect as Creation.

When we dis-incarnate we pass through the threshold of death. We exhale our final breath. She is with us, the Goddess as Destruction. She is the Dark Goddess.

So many of us fear death above all else. We fear letting go. We lay fidgeting in final Savasana, not even knowing how to begin to surrender.

We fear the unknown.
We fear the Dark Goddess.

Last week a group of women gathered to dance with Her. We invited Her to show us who She is, to teach us what She would.

She reminded me that without the dark there would be no light. She asked to be celebrated with love and respect. She helped me to remember to love and respect the dark parts of myself, the parts that feel unworthy, ugly, awkward, afraid.

She taught me about courage. She flaunted Her fierceness. She revealed Her rebellion. She was so FUN!

And so I surrender, again and again. I release my fear and resistance, again and again. I open to Her cleansing, liberating power, knowing that She is doing Her part in the balance of the Whole.

May it be so for all of us.


From my heart to yours,
Dayna Seraye


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