Mother Earth, the Crone & the Angels

babayaga-croneMother Earth, the Crone & the Angels

Full Moon, October 8th, 2014

Hello dear ones ~

A power dream came to me recently – the kind of dream that you know has deep meaning and significance.

I dreamed that the Earth was rising and expanding. As the thick mass rapidly inflated we had to scramble up and out in order to not be suffocated and consumed.

I made it, but many did not. Those of us who survived were refugees in a world above.

As I realized what I had lost, a wail began to well up from the deepest place in my being I had ever known. As it rose and passed through my heart the ferocity of the feeling was so strong that it jolted me awake.

With tears in my eyes, I realized it was the middle of the night and I was safe and sound in my bed.


For the next couple of weeks the dream spoke to me. I had touched an intensity of grief I have never felt. It was grief for my own personal loss, but it was also collective grief – Mother Earth’s grief, the Great Mother who grieves the loss of all of her children throughout all time.

The thing is, the wave of grief was cut off when I woke up. It did not get a chance to complete. And I was left to the devices of my mind, wondering what it all meant.

This is an experience our culture knows well — cut off from feelings, stewing in our mind’s thoughts and stories.

Knowing that the dream was still working on me, I went into a shamanic journey and accessed the same feeling I had in the dream. I consciously choose to let myself wail. It was hard at first. I wasn’t comfortable getting loud and messy. But after a little while I surrendered and let my heart vocalize the energy.

I wailed and my body moved with the energy. I felt Her – the Crone – the old wise woman who knows all the pains and sorrows of the world. She knows it all, and she is okay with it all. It is a familiar story, and she accepts it and loves it like an old friend.

I let Her dance and I let Her sing. My heart cracked open. I felt the pain body of the planet. I went on the ride, right in and through the portal of grief.

Coming through the other side I felt my tender heart being soothed. I became aware of the presence of numerous angelic beings all around me, and they held the quiet, magnanimous space of love, tranquility, and acceptance. And I knew that they had been there with me through it all.

In going fully into the pain and grief I was able to complete the wave of emotion. It came, climaxed and faded away again. I landed in the realm of the angels and they reassured me that it was all okay.

The pain body is not something to fear and squelch. When we stuff all that emotion into the subconscious realm it has immense power. But when we look it straight in the eye and dance with it, then it teaches us and takes us on a journey of immense power and healing.

As we journey with this fiery Full Moon in Aries, in the transformational energy of the lunar eclipse, may we listen to our dreams. May we allow the waves of emotion and energy to ripple through us – to teach us, heal us, guide us and bless us.

In peace and love,
Dayna Seraye


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