New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus – 4/29/14

dove-2With all the aspects of this season’s Fertile stage for change, here before us lies the simple symbol of the dove.

Pure and aligned with heartfelt peace, the dove is our totem, as we sit with as much calm and stillness as possible within the storm.

The Cardinal Signs which make the Cross above, point toward examining leadership.  All aspects of this New Moon Eclipse and the surrounding celestial alignments speak to heavy things… Law, Justice even Sexuality indicating benevolent energies for committed partnerships and danger for less pristine relations.

The Guru is under scrutiny, as is any aspect of Dominating energy.  And thus, while facing the intensity of an Eclipse period, a Cardinal Cross, and the unnerving underpinnings of Mars’ movements during once of the most spiritually significant times of the year…

We can choose peaceful reflection… We can choose to step back just enough to peel the layers back and see for ourselves just what it is that causes all this chaos.

Take a moment, beyond the emotion, and sit and look at things as they are to the best of your ability.

The word Realization means both

  • an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact


  • the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.

That being said, allowing an increase in awareness draws us closer to the fulfillment of something deeply longed for.  As long as we are opening doors with this in mind, we can rest in that even with a hurricane, we are moving in the direction of what we most wish for, even if we are not sure just what that is yet.

As we move deeper into Taurus, Venus takes the reign from Mars a bit, but the larger picture is that as Aphrodite is to Ares, Venus is to Mars.  The prolonged focus on the relationship between the most pure and some of the most powerful Masculine and Feminine influences in the universe and the inclination towards the celebration of fertility… well… there’s just a lot going on here.  Beware.  The optimist in me hopes that soon we can get on with appreciating the beauty and home-bodiness of Taurus, replenishing our sanctuaries, making our homes lush, taking care of our families and enjoying the sensuality of Spring.

And… keep your awareness unfolding, don’t be duped by the forces behind the curtain, and don’t forget Mars is still scurrying in retrograde until the 20th of May – just before the twins arrive.

Peace be with you tonight in the dark of the moon.


From June Collier Astrology:

The Sabian Symbol interpretation below comes from a book
by Diana E. Roche; Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy.

LIBRA 26:  An eagle and a large white dove turning one into
the other.  
THEME: The Airborne Chameleon.

This symbol speaks to adeptness and flexibility, and to the capacity
to adapt to change and handle each different situation on its own terms.   
The image of an eagle and a large white dove turning one into
the other reflects creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness
at its best. The emphasis here is on personal responsibility
for the course of events in every situation in which the
individual participates, and on the complete frustration that
an individual can experience when all  his efforts to make a
situation conform to some ideal of perfection fail. Implicit in
this symbol is the idea that man is in charge of his life only to
the extent that he acts in his own best interest and remains
true to self. On a practical level, this image alludes to
fluctuation, and alternating between extremes such as war
and peace or aggressive and passive behavior. The eagle and
dove also symbolize the head and heart, and thus this image
can allude to vacillating back and forth between intellectual
and emotional responses.

Positive At its highest, this symbol
represents a highly developed sense of appropriateness, and
intuitive skill in resolving conflict and strife.
Negative:  Indecisiveness or unfaithfulness and betrayal.

During this Eclipse Season, the accent is on instability and
unpredictability. Just when you think things have been
decided, and matters put to rest, the situation may change.   
Your greatest advantage lies in being able to adapt smoothly.
Stay flexible and try to go with the flow. Address issues as
they arise, but wait until the dust settles before making long-
term plans.  Guard against allowing yourself to get upset when
you can’t control things or situations. Don’t get caught
unprepared for a sudden change in affairs.
KEYWORDS: Agility, skill, versatility, flexibili1y,
transformation, indecision, inconsistency, vacillation, war and
peace, head and heart, fluctuation, change.

Aries 26:  A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.
THEME: The Dynamo. This symbol speaks to exceptional
talent and self-confidence. The image of a man possessed of
more gifts than he can hold illustrates the concept of the
Renaissance man, or the man for all seasons. The challenge in
this symbol is in learning when and where to set limits on the
demands of others and how to avoid spreading the self too
thin or trying to handle too many things at once. There is an
inclination indicated here to try to be all things to all people
and to grow restless or bored when things slow down to a lull.
There may also be a tendency to overestimate how much can
be handled at one time and to overburden the self with too
many responsibilities or projects.
Positive and at its highest,
this symbol represents extraordinary competency and talent,
independence, and an insatiable desire to explore and develop
all of the self’s potential.  
Negative it is obsessive-compulsive
behavior and flights of fancy or an inability to sit quietly
along in a room and relax.  
During this FMEC cycle the accent is on excess and
abundance.  The indication here is
That whatever the hour brings there will be plenty of it—
perhaps too much.  Activity is the byword.  Your greatest
advantage lies in capitalizing on your high level of
competency.  Your talents and skills should be at their peak
during this cycle.  Stay focused on your own projects and
goals.  Guard against letting others unload their problems or
responsibilities on your.  Avoid overdoing or taking on more
than you can handle.  Learn to say no—gracefully but firmly.
KEYWORDS:  Abundance, excess, prosperity, richness,
fruitfulness, affluence, competence, talent, versatility,
success, fortune, blessings.

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