Own it, sister!

heart-sun-lgFull Moon in Sagitarius

Dearest sisters,

Are you feeling the Shakti?

This full moon, as the summer solstice approaches, I am feeling the fertile, rich ground of the Earth and of our human hearts.

My dreams are full of shape-shifting animals and humans. Whales, large cats, bears, bunnies, monkeys – all of Nature is showing up to play.

The energy is full of Shakti, raw potential. And I feel the truth of my favorite Sofia Diaz quote: “The human heart has the light of 10,000 suns.”

Take a moment and spread your arms wide. Feel your heart. What lives in your heart, right now?

Let the feeling in your heart ripple out through your arms into your palms. Let the feeling extend outward like the rays of the sun. Feel the five pointed star of your being. Centered in your heart, radiate out and shine your light.

Can you feel the enormity of your heart-love-light? Can you trust that your very own heart has the light of 10,000 suns? Can you even for a moment let yourself believe it, feel it, own it?

Take a risk, take a chance and let it shine sisters. The world needs your light. Right now.

I love you,
Dayna Seraye

P.S. Come play at the Hanuman Festival this weekend in Boulder Colorado. I am holding sacred space and the celebration is on!

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