Sagitarius Full Moon

As the Full Moon approaches in Sagitarius…

SagittariusOh, so many interpretations of charts and graphs and influences these days… and just when someone tells you its all about to go smoothly, finally … then three days later there is a new forecast and a new Earth-shaking force to face.  The Lioness – Goddess Sekhmet of the Egyptian pantheon has been dancing with us for weeks.  She roars through all the intellectual musings… it’s not quite a laugh, for she IS the definition of Fierce, but it does put some things into perspective.

As I look at the progression of the year I can see a pattern emerge not seemingly present if we can’t see the forest for the trees…

We have crossed the Elemental Threshold and welcomed the horse… welcomed the Fire to integrate with the deep Waters of Neith, we have passed through the gate of the Seven Sisters through Venus and Taurus reminding us of who we are and where we come from, we have moved from deep Yin to balance to the emerging Yang… are you Manifesting what you said you wanted?  Have you lost sight of your prayers?  Have they changed for the better?  Or have you let go of your center?

Diana entryWe are in a year of spectacular Divine Integration.  Our experiment of disentangling the Masculine and Feminine at world’s end and reintegrating here in New Earth Year 2 is a remarkable one.  We are traipsing through the Wheel embodying Fire and Water… observing and (hopefully!!) participating consciously in their Alchemical bondings.  If you aren’t, you are probably pretty confused right now.  Gemini is the perfect time to become more conscious examining of our present circumstances.  This is the month of the light and dark and while we enter the Full Moon with Sagittarius we are perceiving the North Node/ South Node teachings which align our higher selves from a world of duality and illusion into one of higher mind.  Here is the perception which allows us to see all sides of an issue and yet STILL transcend to be able to SHOOT the arrow at the Target – reaching our goal – that is the solution for the highest good of all those involved – or all beings.  This is the utilitarian ability to be BOTH masculine and feminine at the same time.  Diana, Athena, and the Triple Goddess initiation of Sekhmet, Bast and Hathor.  Wisdom, my dear ones – it is a terribly rich time to grow up.

With love,Shannon

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